Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It has been paid off. All the last minute struggles, finally has been paid off.

I woke up with so many negative thoughts in my mind. I woke up to "what if i dissapoint my parents?" that has been the most scary nightmare i dont even want to go through. REDHA kata hati kecil. kau usaha pun tak banyak, hujung hujung tanduk baru nak sedar. Dush.

Beratur punya beratur. i was shaking. Kepala otak ke laut. Not in the hall. Received the slip, nooooooo words can describe how so much thankful i was. I looked at the slip for several times (cant believe it is real) before i cried.


Called parents, spread the good news. Hugged my friends, thanked the teachers. Cari teachers and thanked Allah. I am so greatful. So so greatful He heard my prayers & actually granted them. Exactly how ive been pray for.  :-) tidak lah straight A's. tidak la best student. cukup, cukup untuk buat my parents happy, cukup untuk further study, cukup untuk idamkan masa depan yang cerah. congrats my girlfriends, u guys did great. semua pun beyond expectation kan? Alhamdullilah.