Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Its funny how some people trying to be funny with insulting and being sarcastic. sarcasms are good, but when it comes to certain point, you got to be kidding if u take everything as a joke. you're not funny!! but hey i'll push you jump out of a cliff and finally thats a joke to me. :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hi its 8.30am and i didnt sleep after sahur since i thought i could do maths revision instead of sleeping guess what  i did! alhamdullilah because lately the closer the spm, the lazier my lazy ass get.

Kelmarin i went to qiam with my girls, alhamdullilah since its ramadhan, i get the chance to maximise my ibadah and double the fun because i qiam with diaorang. thats the 1st time i do qiam in ramadhan, before this just ikot sekolah punya program. so alhamdullilah again :)

im still trying to improve myself to be a better person time by time, a better muslimah. and im thankful bcause ramadhan this year sangat membantu. i improved a lot :)

so that was a lil bit of ketc-hup. hope i'll be able to write again.