Sunday, 15 December 2013

As the cloud is crying

Ive always said to myself, dont run from your problems, face it instead. Because its just a matter of time bfore it comes and haunt you back.

I have a lot to think right now. Ya Allah, I know You are the best Planner, show me whats the best for me, and him. So us the best path for both of us, together. Because i know, You are the best Listener after all. Amin.

Future scares me

I tend to think about my future too much, i cant live my life now to the fullest.

Whenever i go to weddings, id be staring at old folks and wondering how do i look when im old. Tengok how their skin are, tengok how they eat very slowly because tak ada gigi dah. Im scared:/

But i guess i just have to be mature, continue living my beautiful life because aging will occur to everyones life, i cant run from it. Though i wish ill be 90 and still look as fine as i am now, as gorgeous as i'll ever be hahaha bring it on wrinkles! I'll stay awesome! Ahahaha

I'll be old and someone will be looking at me and says "i'd never get tired of seeing u & your beautiful face" :) - the love of my life.