Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Just a little piece of emotion



This is actually happening. do you even think that im that stupid to really not know what you've been doing? i've known you since like 3 years? and i doubt that there's nobody else knows you that well like i. and hahaha im freaking selfish. i dont even care about you. please la open your mind and think wider. if i do not care about you

*i wont get freaked out when i heard those rumours  about (oh i really dont want to talk about it here) and tried so hard to actually protected you. to jaga maruah kau. to show to people yang you're actually a one good naive girl who have been played by that guy.

*didnt you think that i actually stayed for you even if i dont want to? i made a risk. just because i dont want you to go all emo moody and stuff. sumpah aku sanggup maafkan kau even kau tak cakap sorry pun sbb things so small you wouldnt even care because apa? the value of friendship that i really dont want to lose because apa? because i love you, my friend.

kalau aku tegur kau, kau rasa aku apa? over-protective? duh its what i do, i should do. i scolded you, i yell at you. who else will tell you the same thing? haih i adjusted myself to macam terima lah kau seadanya maybe it will make things a lot easier. do you not know me? do u think i even want this? i already said from the beginnning that things would end up this way. you would end up pilih your boyfriend yang macam tahi tu oh sumpah skrg aku bengang. im sorry if you dont think im the goodie friend that u think i am, well then screw you. macam mana boleh fikir macam tu.

inikah maksud kau yang aku tak care langsung? inikah maksud kau "bila hilang cari, bila ada depan mata tak layan" THIS? oh ainaa dia tu tak kisah la pasal kau, dia nak her way je. tak fikir orang lain rasa apa. well, think again.

this is whats best. well you dont think that for sure, because precisely 'you dont know a thing' haha heads up man. you'll see what i see one day. this maybe a joke to you and u really think im bodoh of what im doing. its not a fact of im doing it, its the ending part that counts which lama lagi akan sampai kot. its up to you la. im not a fool fucekek. im just a friend who take responsibilities cause haha who else yang akan buat macam ni? i afraid no one because tak ada pun yg kisah weh. kawan byk mana pun, they wouldnt care.

haha gila la, this makes me look stupid. hm just taking it out but im not gonna make this blog into a complain trash hehe

Monday, 5 December 2011

Just a quick update post from tempat kerja.

berat turun. 40kg. imagine tinggi i 162cm if im not mistaken. tak normal okay. my berat supposed to be 46kg!

say im being paranoid. say im getting worried over small little thing. say whatever you want.
bila berat dah turun, so do my mood. im upset. im not happy.

i need to gain my weight as soon as possible. being extremely skinny is not a good thing dear friends.

p/s : tak sakit apa apa. genetic maybe. metabolism tinggi. oh why me -.-'

Saturday, 3 December 2011

a dedicated post


Dear Amira Nasuha ma girl,

great to hear that you enjoyed your birthday and our suprises. hehehe i may not say this often but i love you so much eventho i barely show it in front of you. i may say you're bodoh, bangang, bungak, sengal tapi kau la kawan that can never be replaced. i will never find someone like you out there because you're so one in a million. dont kembang! i hate to see kau mengembang hahaha man you're getting old! hm ok i know im older. so, someone once said to me that his best age was in teenage life so keep living your life as you wish to live it and every year will be the best year for you. genap next year 5 tahun kita kawan. 5 years which is full with happiness. i really hope you'll be there whenever i need you. dont ever leave me! hurmph i sounds so tapir-ish hahaha dah la penat aku tulis panjang2 hahaha love you till the end of the world! xoxoxo sejuta kali! 

p/s : pakai hadiah tu hari hari hehehehehehe

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mood swings

I dont know why i am feeling this way. i have mood swings almost always. i cry for no reason. like, i can sit  by myself, think about something terrible and i start to cry. i keep thinking about the past andi get angry at just the little things.. am i having depression? but why?!?! even for the slightest thing like he reply late to my texts, watching masterchef, seeing my cats sleeping and there i go again, crying. hm i cant even remember what i used to enjoy doing also.

am i turning into a vampire? oh god, for real la im not joking!! ^^

i dont know la if this thing perlu ada kena mengena dgn how i feel lately. just, i feel very unwanted, not needed, being ignored. the pain of being ignored is really no joke ok. saya nak hidup macam org lain jugak. sangat bahagia dgn that somebody. but that somebody.. just cant seem to be there when i need that somebody. but somehow i already get used to that somebody punya style. nvm. really. feeling unwanted. umph apa pulak tak best (:

Thursday, 24 November 2011

I feel like writing, so.

Yesterday was just another ordinary day that i spent with my girls. oh and lissa also, theera's cousin. we laugh, we sing, we scream, we eat, we dance, we talk, we hug. at first we tried to fill in the awkward moment with main  Saidina. it was quite fun for 10minutes but tetibe semua dah cam hilang mood. so okay. simpan then me and aqila try to cheer up ourself with karaoke-ing. tunggang langgang pecah semua cermin. okay that part cam best sebab i enjoyed singing and dancing like a lunatic psycho. then we called Dominos. makan makan makan then, perut dah kenyang suka hati baru masing masing  borak with each other. we slept at 4am. oh chop, anis sorang tidur pukul 6am -.-'

the next morning, i tgh syok dibuai mimpi indah(?) terkejut sebab apa tah, bangun then nampak semua orang dah bangun. and i was terkebil-kebil "awalnya korang bangun?" "naa tengok pukul berapa dah ni" hehehe my bad. brunch, mandi semua, masing masing think3 apa nak buat lepas ni. and kitaorang plan pak rumah tra pulak. so okay, here we are, in uncle arshad's house! then lunch dekat kimbong. perut dah ponoh, balik, guling guling macam dugung. bila dah memang got nothing to do, everyone decided to balik. kisses, hugs so here i am, wearing my beloved pyjamas in my bersepah yet lovely room.

I am thinking about going to bed early tonight. enough feeding my diplodocus's belly. you're getting fatter lah!

I miss teh, i cried. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

This is a warning : this post will be awfully long. yeah ye shuckers.

The school holiday already began. its always ended up like this, i was very excited when i heard holidays was just around the corner but then, bila dah holiday. of my bet everyone's feeling the same way.....

so, not a waste of space. i wud like to share what i've been up to since last week hehe put your glasses on! zz

Me and suha, atheera, anis, adila, qila made this jumble sale thingy and it was great we succeded in getting a lotz of money haha alhamdullilah. guess we've lost our mind sebab we plan it just for 2 days and its on. imagine, a zillion lot of tops needed to get some umm what is it called eh, ah nvm. so we decided to make an event on facebook to let them (as in, friends) know. we made fliers and give it to random fellas. how on earth we managed to actually done that all in 2days. umph so proud of myself *batting eyelashes*

Then, on 13th nov, atheera's abang wedding dinner! gila g! i was one of the receptionist. kerja me, bawa guests pergi table and etc. at first gila kabut sebab ramai orang datang at one time so kitaorang ada 8 orang je, kabut kejap je la. because ainaa came to rescue muahaha so happy dapat tolong the bride and groom jayakan their wedding. both of them are really meant to be together, live long and make lot of adorable babies abang chadlie and kak yana! hihihihi seronok tengok orang kahwin. when la will my time come..... hihi ^^

On 15th nov, me anis atheera and alan went too zoo negara! yiaaaaah yippie yahuu i finally got to meet my friends! hello elephant, monkeys. cute birdies, crocodile, tigers and all lah! gila pe nak list sekor sekor. hehe i was like dan...cing...on... air...happily..... hihihi but yeah, hari rabu kan so zoo tu macam krik krik sikit la tapi ramai foreigner, wooot ada this one dude handcem. anis gonna make him hers one day. she even had a picture of him! im going to mandrem him or somewhat to make he likes anis back hahahaha plis dont take it seriously.  so pictures may start talking now

banyak lagi sebenarnya tapi hang gila pa nak upload smua kat sini. hehe so okay, till then!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Talk to me, im all ears.

Hello hi now im free! finals are over and school break almost started in a few more days. oh wait damn, result. result. macam. macam. tahi. oh please ignore my result. anggap lah i tak pernah ambil exam -.-' pathetic me.

It was a good idea to go to school today. because why? well it felt like sekolah itu aku yang punya hahahaha it was so quite and peace! kriks sound was all i heard. screamed, laughed wont make a big deal. lepak lepak dekat canteen with the teachers wont be a problem. gosh how i wish hari hari skolah macam tu. kan heaven! but still, there's still a lot of unsettled things. organise lawatan sekolah sangat sangat penat and give a lot of pressure. but somehow, its fun.

Yeah, these days im stepping into a new era, totally my rules of life are twisting like.... wake up early in the morning and then straight to take a shower. plus, kurung-ing myself in my room, reading my mates tweets, online facebook, watch dramas. i still have tons of dramas i havent watch but should!. bekalan for this holiday i guess, lorgh i just make myself look like one of those pathetic cavegirls!! naaaaaaah, im still living in my buitipul life :D

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I miss writing. tapi, symptom kemalasan telah conquer setiap pelusuk tubuh badan i yang tak seberapa nak kurus ni.

Well, lets kick on.

hello. tadi pi alamando with cousins and sistah pikir nak tengok tower heist tapi kakak dah tengok dengan dia punya 'so called friend' so  kena paksa tengok ra-one. but then nvm lah, since i pun mmg suka srk (*knock knock* dah berapa zaman tah i tak tengok cerita hindustan) sad life. before sampai macam macam dalam kepala otak i nak beli, but ended up with balik dengan tangan kosong. know what, i sayang nak keluarkan duit eventho benda tu memang dah lama i pikir nak beli. bodoh tak? bodoh kan. i pun tengah renung-renung ni since when i sayang duit -.-' 

Hmph. i nak gemuk! mungkin ini kali yang ke 123456789 kali i kata i nak gemuk. tah bila la zaman i nak gemuk tiba? makan banyak as hell tapi perut je yang kedepan. apa nak jadi ni, teruk rupanya anak dara buncehet okay. 

ok lah. just a quick update post from me. till then!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Describing my friends, 6 of them.

We've been sharing our worries and happiness for 4years.

First of all, i'll start with

Amira Nasuha

- i dont really like her back then. but it turns out differently when we start getting  knw each other
-she's clumsy at times. only when shes occupied by her friends.
-she loves to eat and because of that she keeps complaining that she's fat.
-my laughing and talking machine.
-she loves sweet things
-she doesnt like to be controlled
-she loves to ulang apa yang i buat like beribu kali sampai la benda tu dah tak lawak haha
-height is about 158cm, weight 45kg.
-she knows how to appreciate things.
-she can tell if im lying -.-' haha

Nurul Adila

-she's the best secret keeper. you can tell her everything, no doubt.
-walaupun she's the youngest among us all, dia lah yang paling banyak bg advice dekat me.
-she's independent.
-she talks a lot! a little lesser la if compared to me haha
-weight : 48kg height : 161cm
-sumpah she's funny. once i open my mouth and talking craps, she will absolutely just layan me and go with the flow~
-anak sulung to 3 adik beradik.
-making people comfortable with her is her duty.
-always seek for our opinion if she got problems.
-yeah for sure, she's not available. fifi is the nickname hehe


-as white as snow.
-she doesnt talks a lot, really. only at times when.. she's hyper.
-her face getting all redden if she saw that 'someone'
-currently playing with the tali haha apa orang cakap, main tarik tali is it?
-she's the best if it comes to k-pop! a big fan of bigbang i guess.
-she likes to tegur me if i started to bersiul hihi
-she doesnt get angry or naik angin bila solving problems. serious kyn, i've never got the chance to tell you that.
-she is like a mom to me.
-im not so sure about her weight. tapi height : 156/158 cm. 
-she doesnt eat junk foods.

Liyana Syazana

-Ok, our little keti, doesnt it obvious? she's pretty!
-she has a high level of girly. very the girly one.
-she's weird.... in a good way of course!
-i love to tease her a lot and the reaction makes me laughed so hard.
-very emotional at times. loves to take thing seriously eventhough it doesnt seems necessary.
-i got a nickname for her, perveketi. hahaha
-kakak sulung jugak, to 5 adik beradik.
-got a pair of adorable hazel eyes! i adored her eyes so much that i feel like korek mata dia haha
-again, im not so sure about the weight and height also. but for sure she's shorter than me hihi
-she loves to eat but doesnt really show it hahaha

Atheera Syakina

-she got a high level of confident.
-people keep assumed that she's sombong kerek ape tah semua. if you know her, she's the friendliest among us all!
-pretty girl in the house.
-can be very garang once you made her angry. so beware.
-yes, she got a simply adorable voice. she can play guitar well.
-always stick with the you-know-who. her loved one.
-baby to 6 adik beradik.
-matured. dorky (serious at times)
-she cares about her friends a lot like a jelly tots.
-she gets along with people well.

Anis Sofea 

-appears to be very cold, straightforward and expressionless outside.
-very funny and attractive but that side of her wasnt exposed until you get to know her well.
-the pendiam-est. she's not a talking machine but she can talk a lot.
-loves to do things on her own.
-a very independent girl i must say.
-i respect her on how she manage to kumpul duit banyak banyak. serious.
-sheeee loves to eat! the conclusion is, kitaorang semua suka makan.
-when she cares, she loved.
-her jokes is so high class. you'll never forget 'em once u dengar haha

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tengok. nak berceloteh pun diganggu oleh si kecil ini! berperang dgn dia for 5mins sbb nak suruh dia duduk diam jgn kacau. last sekali kena taruk luar jugak. sorry baby girl -.-'

Oh itu opie! nama opie sbb kopi! sbb dia black hehe she looks a lot like her mother. the eyes, ekor, bentuk badan and all. perangai pun lebih kurg sama, she loves to kacau me. ikot me wherever i go, kalau pagi pagi dia bosan, mula lah meow meow masuk dlm bilik gigit gigit suruh i bangun. naughty ni! tapi tak apa, as long as diaorang happy, i happy jugak hehehe so sweat(?) kan.

Eh good morning. today i bangun awal sbb nak ziarah teh. hehe im so wangi now.

After so long

Hello hi.

quick update since dah lama tak post. hokay i've been so senyap for the past few weeks. kot? month? ok apa apa lah. couldnt recall bila last log in blogger -.-'  so maaaaaaaaaaany things to share yet i dont really ada time nak update panjang panjang now.

Ok bismilahhirahmannirahim.

First of all, teh dah tak ada. teh dah, mati. siapa yang follow my previous blog, mesti pun penat bace every post mesti pasal teh. siapa rapat dengan i mesti tahu how much teh mean to me, she's the world. my world. i love teh too much even words cant explain how much. sampai i looked at her pictures, wordlessly then i cried. im okay, then i cry. gelak gelak then i cry. and it goes on like that sampai now. mungkin for some peeps, apedehal sangat lah kucing mati. kucing je kot. bukan manusia. that's why when orang asked me why im crying, im like "okay je la, mental tak stabil sangat kot, pms maybe" lagipun orang paham sangat lah kalau i mental. 24/7 mental unstable -.-'

I marah, sedih, serabut. kenapa teh boleh kena langgar. kenapa baru skrg, kenapa lps dia dah hidup for about one year and a half baru org langgar, kenapa lepas dia ade anak baru dia mati. semua stupid questions pops-out in my mind bila i pikir dia dah takde. tapi the answer is, the one and only answer that i couldnt say anything about it is, takdir.  memang Allah dah tentukan all this. apa boleh buat. let go and move on. eventhough its hard.

It took me about 2days(?) to recover from the loss. kurang berseri rumah tanpa meow teh pagi siang malam minta nak makan. hanya berharap kpd opie kiko and sookie untuk mengembalikan mood mood ceria i seperti sediakala. anak anak teh yang sgt comel dan fluffy.

Abah mak kak ct kak intan rindu teh sangat sangat. wherever you are now, whatever you are doing, i want u to know that kak ena sayang teh with all my heart. no doubt.

smile sayang smile. 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Why do i feel so incomplete?

i need to jumpa my missing piece /:

Monday, 22 August 2011

today was FUN

So hi haha jap ni lawak tapi bangang.

Me and my girls otw balik kelas from toilet ikot tangga hujung and tangga tu like port lepak budak budak... ala, u know. tangga = ? hahaha tapi this time, tangga tu kosong. so apa lagi, that tangga was the nearest.

but then out of the blue, seorang lelaki ni i dont know how to describe him but for sure he's not handsome and u girls seriously should have no interest in get to know about him haha tiba tiba he was laughing on his own and smiling like a maniac! and time tu, i was the only who.. yeah, scared. tak sedap hati. tapi bila dah lalu depan dia and nothing happened, lega sikit. tak sedar pulak dia actually ikot ktorg daripada belakang!!!

qila cakap memang mula mula dia ade buat bunyi *cwit cwit* ala u know, bila laki gatal nak panggil perempuan. maybe sbb we dont gave any reaction, he said "HI" while smiling and show us his gigi yang ergh. hahaha i was so shooooocked so i screamed! hahahaha lari lari sambil jerit mcm problematic psycho running from an anaconda and was preparing to die or something. hahahahaha and qila sibuk asked me to just shut up hahaha but i cant help myself from screaming, it comes naturally. ahahaha

as usual, im so overdramatic but this really made my day. walaupun its scary for literally, 5mins!
I finally finished reading 'Perfect Girl' by Mary Hogan


Jap, lmao! there's this guy named heiqal aqim. pernah suatu ketika he said to me " LOL what's twitter for? youre only 16. if you're not a celeb or anyone famous, no one wants to read what u tweet" and guess what, i just found his twitter account hahaha and he's not even a celeb or anyone famous. take this heiqal, im not mad at u but this is so embarassing.

just a small revenge from me :>

P/S : dont be mad. because youve hurt me w your words and you seriously deserve this.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


the name is Bat. 
tersangat bad. abang sulung kepada 4 adik beradik
habits : tidur atas kaki saya, suka cuba masuk dalam kain sekolah saya setiap pagi sebelum saya pergi sch. suka makan-sbb tu perut buncit like me. peace.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Meh sini meh

I dont do formspring not i dont make formspring, i dont DEAL whtever coo-head with it. Theres a difference. that thing is retarded, if i was messing with someone id call them straight up and get it over with or boleh comment ym tweet wall text.

Back then, when formspring has become fofular, i make an account. theres a lot of anon saying bad things. anon yes, anon. then me pun start bengang then kat sekolah tension2 pikir siapa that spoiled brat yang menempel kat my formspring account. and sampai sekarang pun tak tahu siapa tapi ada lah suspect suspect utama kan, but then when i think twice, kepala serabut because of anon? because of i-dont-know who?

so yeah, im being honest. i dont do formspring (:

Saturday, 13 August 2011

 ❤ ❤ ❤

Cant shake away


theres no answer to that you punk. feeling something i shouldnt and i feel bad.

words really cant describe this feeling.

emosi, bye.

Monday, 8 August 2011


currently listening to i'll be missing you. lagu lama kan tapi sumpah layan

Last night, which is malam semalam, mummy teh bawa masuk tikus mati dalam rumah. at first, i just act cool.

"ala dik, kau sapu je la, tikus je pun"

"taknaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak" *jerit jerit turun naik tangga like a maniac*

my imagination 
oh em jay cute gila kan!


sebelum ni i never had this kind of allergic towards binatang2 comel halus gebu macam tikus ni -_-"  because me sangat friendly dengan lipas, cicak, semut, lipan and whatsoever.

but then last night i just realized i hateeeee tikus!! meremang satu badan!! jerit jerit almost pengsan!! lagi lagi time adik sapu tikus tu nak buang, geli geli geli. lepas dah tengok sekali terus taknak pandang but then terpaksa jugak buang si tikus yang comel gila aku rasa nak LEMPANG 

what have i become? [:

king of hatred.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Watching this never fails to make my day (:

Depressing, painful life. sometimes i just wanna kill myself.


Happy birthday to you. 

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Janam Din ki badhai!

Buon Compleanno!

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!

Friday, 5 August 2011

I just.... cant leave my beloved blogspot. this blog make things right for once. not to mention, im using twitter no more. sad. so imma carry on writing here

Hows my love holding up? apparently, my Kiki tak balik lagi. i misssssssssssssss him. guilty guilty guilty. come home so that kak ena can guling2 with u like we used to! opie, bat, kiko, sookie pun rindu kiki jugak /:

hah! pictures of them!

bat je takde dalam gambar. dia tu sangat nakal. nak pegang pun suka gigit gigit. rawr.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


My dear Kiki is missing.

Where were me when my cats needed me the most.

I feel pretty guilty and you know i hate'em. Come home honey.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


please get over me-! ok pineapple i might sound a little irritating? but hello creatures, i just want to make things clear. ok la i may dedicated this post to 'someone'.

bro, those were yesterdays feelings. i wasnt expect you'll just pop-out like this, from nowhere. lets just think that we're actually not meant to ah u know, waghever. easy talk, we dont belong in a world like this. its just a matter of time to change everything, anything is possible if we believe. in fact, in the end of the day we'll mess it up again eventhough how hard u tried to make things better. IM NOT INTO YOU, and coincidentally, i know u know. im not even interested in getting know about your lovely life so u shud have no interest in bothering mine.

we can.... just be friends. i mean, like what actually normal friends does. not texting and calling me everytime you were thinking about me. oh that makes sense, he thinks about me all the time! HAHAHAHAHA jk.

ok goodbye. until next time


Just Because – I’m quiet–doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say.
Just Because – I appear happy–doesn’t mean everything’s okay.
Just Because – I’m sarcastic–doesn’t mean I don’t take things seriously.
Just Because – I forgive–doesn’t mean I forget.
Just Because – I don’t listen to you-doesn’t mean I don’t care.
Just Because – I’m gullible–doesn’t mean you can lie to me.
Just Because – I’m stubborn–doesn’t mean I’m not easy going.
Just Because – I don’t show my feelings–doesn’t mean I don’t have any.
Just Because – I don’t say I love you–doesn’t mean I don’t.
Just Because – I’m honest–doesn’t mean I’m outspoken.
Just Because – I’m not like you–doesn’t mean I’m weird.
Just Because – I’m unsure–doesn’t mean I’m afraid.

come on. its human we're talking about. totally makes sense. muahx

A day out w sistar and her friends

Look. i went to sunway pyramid and then straight to pasar seni, jalan tar and masjid india. and unexpectedly, i wasnt exhausted at all! AT ALL BABE! maybe its been awhile since i hanging out with my sisters, so macam semangat. 

Fish spaaaaaaaa geli mcm hape! 

later bubblegums. hasta la vista.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

ainaa is wasting hr tim on posting this.

Im thinking about updating my blog right now. buuuuuuuuuuuuut im using my sistr's lappy and know what, hr kyboard has this kind of problm whn w cant typ this damn lttr.......... u know which lttr im talking about so ciao!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

i feel so..... disconnected. pretty much devestated and aint giving a damn about crap. i just lost the connection, between me and her. between us. haha i dont really know what if feels like, its just different. you know, when two people cant really manage a conversation well, cant keep the conversation going... thts it! u know something's up. something aint right is up. okay wont cause a mess, peace.

*just put your poker face on and there you are... hideous and snobby*


 hi its me again on keyboard. it has been quite awhile since i blabbed on this blog of mine. who even reads it.

i havent been that much busy i must say. just spend the whole time day dreaming about something could never happen. haha (well i think its funny, wanna laugh?)

me, suha, dila, anis, ekyn, tra and whoever else, spent an ordinary days like almost everyday. guess it was only me tisk tisk, boring life. boring. boring and boring. there's no roller coaster type of fun, just slowly become more and more boring day to day toooo day.

cut the story short. im sick. with the sore throat kind of things. sekarang pulak batuk datang menjelma tanpa diundang. macam mana i nak puasa. macaaaaaaaaaaaam mana? (T_T) ok bye later.



Thursday, 14 July 2011

Choir 2nd performance

ever get the feeling when you want to be all alone?

like, everything would be much better without *certain person who got no brainy* spending your days and nights doing your own thangs, sleeeping alone accompanied by your cats and whatsoever. its not that im anti-social, just my world would be better off if im alone, jumpa your family friends and cuz once a week dah memadai. seriously. living my own life is what i've been dreaming of. orang melayu kata, hidup berdikari. shopping, study, lunch, dinner semua sorang. ha ha! heaveeeen.

Monday, 11 July 2011

freako monorico montoya.

goddamn gorgeous human being. say hello to zayn malik!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

"at least theres something good waiting for me at the end of the rainbow"

I just finished reading a book called 'Where Rainbows End'. so lovely. note that novel ni tak jiwang langsung eventhough the cover seems like it. but its not! 

thank you ekyn for helping me spending my spare time. eventho i got tons of hw to do, i'd still laying on my bed reading-it-like-a-boss, ok u know im joking. that's all! goodnight bubblegums!

im still alive at least

i did no yapping in juneeee! JUNEEE! turn me on. hmm lets pretend im writing from 100 years. oh no salah, 100 hours way back. that was not on purpose hehe yeeee whatever. so July, give me a great performance.

Goodbye june 2011.

well im suppose to be liike studying but i cant get myself out of this computer circle,urgh. i feel like talking but too malu to call someone up hihi. nvm! so, hows my love up to? doing good? anyway, the air felt so magical lately. im so happy dancing on air. feeling great every step that i take, every move i make, every breath i take. haha sounds funny.  i think this is because the peeps around me are doing good too. actually, i've been simpan hasrat nak blog. everytime i woke up from sleep, the first thing on my mind was "okay lets hit my diplodocus belly!" UNFORTUNATELY, theres a lot of thing i need to settle up and end up not remembering it. feels so lonely eh my diplodocus? hehehe im tickling u! cheer up! :D Allah, problematic girl here.

HAH! last week was the most unforgettable week ever. finally, i did something for school which im so proud of! haha because sebelum ni i dont think i even exist in my school ha ha ha! masuk lari pun kalah je pun, lmao. tenenene.... its choir!

 the boys

the gurlz (we will miss u daphne)

so, it was great. i love my adorable four ehsan so much. they mean a lot. lots like jelly tots. they're my daily entertaiment i must say haha 

wait for this saturday!

Monday, 27 June 2011

even the stars refuse to shine

*fat tears trickles down my face*

this is beautiful. really beautiful i can literally die because of this. the seven of us. 

tangled up

ever have that one person in your life that you just cant give up on?

the one person that can screw you over time after time yet you always seem to give them another chance and no matter how many times you say this is their last one, you know its a lie because theres always just one more waiting for them. the one person you know youre better off without but yet you cant find a way to let them go because deep down inside, you wouldnt know what to do without them. the one person you know doesnt deserve you but yet you choose to overlook it because you love them.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hello bubblegums! my blog is not dead. im just dreadfully tired, everyday. alasan not accepted? oh so whoa anyway im so bored. not really. today heart filled with butterflies the moment i woke up. no school big whoopie! but homeworks... fine i take back the whoopie.

heres updates of me life

everything was going smooth, but no, theres a bump on the road. im facing all the obstacles, and im pretty sure im not making a step back. wink wink. wink back please? i had the most scary dream last night and it felt so real. so so real i could die. ok, can u imagine? sorry, i'll sound so pathetic if i write it here. oooo not to forget, my babies dah 2months! i'll post pictures of them later.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

So, hows life to this second? what have i been up to? killing something softly, which is for the best loveys.

went to mid yesterday, again. i dah cakap, mid dah boring tengok i, sampai muntah rainbow. tp yesterday's outing was awesome gila sbb pergi with my girls! yana pun ada! hehe sayang them lots. they are people who gave a meaning to my life. which make them, a-ma-zing.making my childhood such a wonderful ride, they're the directors to my movie. incontrol of my feelings, state and mind! i'd be a granny one day and would still be laughing to the show they put on. across the universe lol, last night overnight at anis's. with my girls la who else. had funnnn soo much funnn.

so im singing "i let it fall....."

and asking myself, am i okay?
this week penat. i mean, benda yang tiada kena mgne langsung with sch. which is, tidur bangun makan tengok tv merayap jadi kutu babun tidur. then this week i had an outing with cousins di mid. its cousins day out. shopping, eat eat eat like a pig. know what, im so lucky to have such a caring lovely cousins because they bought me a pretty top! hehe sayang korang every second of my life.

this week pun rasa macam lama because i emosi tahap maximum.


maybe i kena tidur because its already 4.08 am, and yes, just got back from mines. watched x-men 1st class and its adfgdgf awesome giler i tell u. a must watch movie!
so. obviously this is my very first post since i delete my previous blog. too many reasons. too many things in my head.

entah lah. emosi all the time, thats why rasa i really need to buat blog baru. konon at first i dah malas nak typing and merepek benda yang tak patut. still, i need to be me, myself. me yang talkative and sentiasa ada cerita untuk menceriakan hari hari anda  (T_T) wah blogger dah maju, everything dah lain! baru one month i tak update blog.