Saturday, 8 October 2011

Describing my friends, 6 of them.

We've been sharing our worries and happiness for 4years.

First of all, i'll start with

Amira Nasuha

- i dont really like her back then. but it turns out differently when we start getting  knw each other
-she's clumsy at times. only when shes occupied by her friends.
-she loves to eat and because of that she keeps complaining that she's fat.
-my laughing and talking machine.
-she loves sweet things
-she doesnt like to be controlled
-she loves to ulang apa yang i buat like beribu kali sampai la benda tu dah tak lawak haha
-height is about 158cm, weight 45kg.
-she knows how to appreciate things.
-she can tell if im lying -.-' haha

Nurul Adila

-she's the best secret keeper. you can tell her everything, no doubt.
-walaupun she's the youngest among us all, dia lah yang paling banyak bg advice dekat me.
-she's independent.
-she talks a lot! a little lesser la if compared to me haha
-weight : 48kg height : 161cm
-sumpah she's funny. once i open my mouth and talking craps, she will absolutely just layan me and go with the flow~
-anak sulung to 3 adik beradik.
-making people comfortable with her is her duty.
-always seek for our opinion if she got problems.
-yeah for sure, she's not available. fifi is the nickname hehe


-as white as snow.
-she doesnt talks a lot, really. only at times when.. she's hyper.
-her face getting all redden if she saw that 'someone'
-currently playing with the tali haha apa orang cakap, main tarik tali is it?
-she's the best if it comes to k-pop! a big fan of bigbang i guess.
-she likes to tegur me if i started to bersiul hihi
-she doesnt get angry or naik angin bila solving problems. serious kyn, i've never got the chance to tell you that.
-she is like a mom to me.
-im not so sure about her weight. tapi height : 156/158 cm. 
-she doesnt eat junk foods.

Liyana Syazana

-Ok, our little keti, doesnt it obvious? she's pretty!
-she has a high level of girly. very the girly one.
-she's weird.... in a good way of course!
-i love to tease her a lot and the reaction makes me laughed so hard.
-very emotional at times. loves to take thing seriously eventhough it doesnt seems necessary.
-i got a nickname for her, perveketi. hahaha
-kakak sulung jugak, to 5 adik beradik.
-got a pair of adorable hazel eyes! i adored her eyes so much that i feel like korek mata dia haha
-again, im not so sure about the weight and height also. but for sure she's shorter than me hihi
-she loves to eat but doesnt really show it hahaha

Atheera Syakina

-she got a high level of confident.
-people keep assumed that she's sombong kerek ape tah semua. if you know her, she's the friendliest among us all!
-pretty girl in the house.
-can be very garang once you made her angry. so beware.
-yes, she got a simply adorable voice. she can play guitar well.
-always stick with the you-know-who. her loved one.
-baby to 6 adik beradik.
-matured. dorky (serious at times)
-she cares about her friends a lot like a jelly tots.
-she gets along with people well.

Anis Sofea 

-appears to be very cold, straightforward and expressionless outside.
-very funny and attractive but that side of her wasnt exposed until you get to know her well.
-the pendiam-est. she's not a talking machine but she can talk a lot.
-loves to do things on her own.
-a very independent girl i must say.
-i respect her on how she manage to kumpul duit banyak banyak. serious.
-sheeee loves to eat! the conclusion is, kitaorang semua suka makan.
-when she cares, she loved.
-her jokes is so high class. you'll never forget 'em once u dengar haha

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tengok. nak berceloteh pun diganggu oleh si kecil ini! berperang dgn dia for 5mins sbb nak suruh dia duduk diam jgn kacau. last sekali kena taruk luar jugak. sorry baby girl -.-'

Oh itu opie! nama opie sbb kopi! sbb dia black hehe she looks a lot like her mother. the eyes, ekor, bentuk badan and all. perangai pun lebih kurg sama, she loves to kacau me. ikot me wherever i go, kalau pagi pagi dia bosan, mula lah meow meow masuk dlm bilik gigit gigit suruh i bangun. naughty ni! tapi tak apa, as long as diaorang happy, i happy jugak hehehe so sweat(?) kan.

Eh good morning. today i bangun awal sbb nak ziarah teh. hehe im so wangi now.

After so long

Hello hi.

quick update since dah lama tak post. hokay i've been so senyap for the past few weeks. kot? month? ok apa apa lah. couldnt recall bila last log in blogger -.-'  so maaaaaaaaaaany things to share yet i dont really ada time nak update panjang panjang now.

Ok bismilahhirahmannirahim.

First of all, teh dah tak ada. teh dah, mati. siapa yang follow my previous blog, mesti pun penat bace every post mesti pasal teh. siapa rapat dengan i mesti tahu how much teh mean to me, she's the world. my world. i love teh too much even words cant explain how much. sampai i looked at her pictures, wordlessly then i cried. im okay, then i cry. gelak gelak then i cry. and it goes on like that sampai now. mungkin for some peeps, apedehal sangat lah kucing mati. kucing je kot. bukan manusia. that's why when orang asked me why im crying, im like "okay je la, mental tak stabil sangat kot, pms maybe" lagipun orang paham sangat lah kalau i mental. 24/7 mental unstable -.-'

I marah, sedih, serabut. kenapa teh boleh kena langgar. kenapa baru skrg, kenapa lps dia dah hidup for about one year and a half baru org langgar, kenapa lepas dia ade anak baru dia mati. semua stupid questions pops-out in my mind bila i pikir dia dah takde. tapi the answer is, the one and only answer that i couldnt say anything about it is, takdir.  memang Allah dah tentukan all this. apa boleh buat. let go and move on. eventhough its hard.

It took me about 2days(?) to recover from the loss. kurang berseri rumah tanpa meow teh pagi siang malam minta nak makan. hanya berharap kpd opie kiko and sookie untuk mengembalikan mood mood ceria i seperti sediakala. anak anak teh yang sgt comel dan fluffy.

Abah mak kak ct kak intan rindu teh sangat sangat. wherever you are now, whatever you are doing, i want u to know that kak ena sayang teh with all my heart. no doubt.

smile sayang smile.