Sunday, 25 May 2014


What is it about him that can make me feel the happiest with just a smile? God im helpless when it comes to him. If this is love, let me be in love forever, with him, just him.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Catchin' up

I've made this another blog and the purpose was to share my thoughts on general things like makeup//clothes//people, but i think i was just wasting my time, like i dont even take care of this blog properly with enough love, so what makes i think that i can handle two blogspot. Things like these happened a lot before. I have every social media account with more than 1 account. and, I REGRET IT. Its like my memories are all over the place. worse, i dont think i still remember the emails or passwords because i keep changing them from time to time. YEAP. That shows how unorganized person i am. I am so bad in keeping things at one place, i constantly think i am in need of something new, but obviously i wasn't! Its just me and my brain, my loyal partner in crime. 

SO heres me, feeling regret.