Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My first post after soooooo long

Okay. Bismillah. 
Im now an official student of UiTM Merbok, Kedah, Diploma in PA. 

Oh my oh my oh my im so excited to be back on keyboard, to be back on my diplodocus tummy. I miss writing here so bad. To be honest, its so hard for now to get on a right track, life's getting harder, complicated-er, lame-er and such. i didnt know uni life would be this stressed. its ok, maybe its going to take times to be able to get used to it.

SO hey! right now tengah honeymoon. yelah, cuti semester. honeymoon pun, results tak lama lagi nak keluar. haih kenapa la perlu spoil my honeymoon mood. but nvm, lets just hope and pray for the best :) 

tapi weh, i didnt know i can survive livimg without my parents around me. its like, a beautiful nightmare. kedah dengan bangi bukan sejengkal. memang it takes all my courage to actually accept the offer. because its either Public Admin at UiTM or Accountancy at Matriks. Account??? Account?? MEMANG TAK LA KAN. time spm pun terkebil kebil, nasib lulus je. alhamdulillah. So nak taknak, memang kena pergi. insyaAllah, PA ni pun 2 years and a half je. 5sem, ni dah nak 2sem. i'd better survive strong! U can Ainaa! 

Wink Wink.