Sunday, 12 June 2011

So, hows life to this second? what have i been up to? killing something softly, which is for the best loveys.

went to mid yesterday, again. i dah cakap, mid dah boring tengok i, sampai muntah rainbow. tp yesterday's outing was awesome gila sbb pergi with my girls! yana pun ada! hehe sayang them lots. they are people who gave a meaning to my life. which make them, a-ma-zing.making my childhood such a wonderful ride, they're the directors to my movie. incontrol of my feelings, state and mind! i'd be a granny one day and would still be laughing to the show they put on. across the universe lol, last night overnight at anis's. with my girls la who else. had funnnn soo much funnn.

so im singing "i let it fall....."

and asking myself, am i okay?

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