Wednesday, 6 July 2011

im still alive at least

i did no yapping in juneeee! JUNEEE! turn me on. hmm lets pretend im writing from 100 years. oh no salah, 100 hours way back. that was not on purpose hehe yeeee whatever. so July, give me a great performance.

Goodbye june 2011.

well im suppose to be liike studying but i cant get myself out of this computer circle,urgh. i feel like talking but too malu to call someone up hihi. nvm! so, hows my love up to? doing good? anyway, the air felt so magical lately. im so happy dancing on air. feeling great every step that i take, every move i make, every breath i take. haha sounds funny.  i think this is because the peeps around me are doing good too. actually, i've been simpan hasrat nak blog. everytime i woke up from sleep, the first thing on my mind was "okay lets hit my diplodocus belly!" UNFORTUNATELY, theres a lot of thing i need to settle up and end up not remembering it. feels so lonely eh my diplodocus? hehehe im tickling u! cheer up! :D Allah, problematic girl here.

HAH! last week was the most unforgettable week ever. finally, i did something for school which im so proud of! haha because sebelum ni i dont think i even exist in my school ha ha ha! masuk lari pun kalah je pun, lmao. tenenene.... its choir!

 the boys

the gurlz (we will miss u daphne)

so, it was great. i love my adorable four ehsan so much. they mean a lot. lots like jelly tots. they're my daily entertaiment i must say haha 

wait for this saturday!

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