Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hi its 8.30am and i didnt sleep after sahur since i thought i could do maths revision instead of sleeping guess what  i did! alhamdullilah because lately the closer the spm, the lazier my lazy ass get.

Kelmarin i went to qiam with my girls, alhamdullilah since its ramadhan, i get the chance to maximise my ibadah and double the fun because i qiam with diaorang. thats the 1st time i do qiam in ramadhan, before this just ikot sekolah punya program. so alhamdullilah again :)

im still trying to improve myself to be a better person time by time, a better muslimah. and im thankful bcause ramadhan this year sangat membantu. i improved a lot :)

so that was a lil bit of ketc-hup. hope i'll be able to write again.

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