Thursday, 22 May 2014

Catchin' up

I've made this another blog and the purpose was to share my thoughts on general things like makeup//clothes//people, but i think i was just wasting my time, like i dont even take care of this blog properly with enough love, so what makes i think that i can handle two blogspot. Things like these happened a lot before. I have every social media account with more than 1 account. and, I REGRET IT. Its like my memories are all over the place. worse, i dont think i still remember the emails or passwords because i keep changing them from time to time. YEAP. That shows how unorganized person i am. I am so bad in keeping things at one place, i constantly think i am in need of something new, but obviously i wasn't! Its just me and my brain, my loyal partner in crime. 

SO heres me, feeling regret. 

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