Wednesday, 3 August 2011


please get over me-! ok pineapple i might sound a little irritating? but hello creatures, i just want to make things clear. ok la i may dedicated this post to 'someone'.

bro, those were yesterdays feelings. i wasnt expect you'll just pop-out like this, from nowhere. lets just think that we're actually not meant to ah u know, waghever. easy talk, we dont belong in a world like this. its just a matter of time to change everything, anything is possible if we believe. in fact, in the end of the day we'll mess it up again eventhough how hard u tried to make things better. IM NOT INTO YOU, and coincidentally, i know u know. im not even interested in getting know about your lovely life so u shud have no interest in bothering mine.

we can.... just be friends. i mean, like what actually normal friends does. not texting and calling me everytime you were thinking about me. oh that makes sense, he thinks about me all the time! HAHAHAHAHA jk.

ok goodbye. until next time

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