Saturday, 20 August 2011

Meh sini meh

I dont do formspring not i dont make formspring, i dont DEAL whtever coo-head with it. Theres a difference. that thing is retarded, if i was messing with someone id call them straight up and get it over with or boleh comment ym tweet wall text.

Back then, when formspring has become fofular, i make an account. theres a lot of anon saying bad things. anon yes, anon. then me pun start bengang then kat sekolah tension2 pikir siapa that spoiled brat yang menempel kat my formspring account. and sampai sekarang pun tak tahu siapa tapi ada lah suspect suspect utama kan, but then when i think twice, kepala serabut because of anon? because of i-dont-know who?

so yeah, im being honest. i dont do formspring (:

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