Saturday, 8 October 2011

Describing my friends, 6 of them.

We've been sharing our worries and happiness for 4years.

First of all, i'll start with

Amira Nasuha

- i dont really like her back then. but it turns out differently when we start getting  knw each other
-she's clumsy at times. only when shes occupied by her friends.
-she loves to eat and because of that she keeps complaining that she's fat.
-my laughing and talking machine.
-she loves sweet things
-she doesnt like to be controlled
-she loves to ulang apa yang i buat like beribu kali sampai la benda tu dah tak lawak haha
-height is about 158cm, weight 45kg.
-she knows how to appreciate things.
-she can tell if im lying -.-' haha

Nurul Adila

-she's the best secret keeper. you can tell her everything, no doubt.
-walaupun she's the youngest among us all, dia lah yang paling banyak bg advice dekat me.
-she's independent.
-she talks a lot! a little lesser la if compared to me haha
-weight : 48kg height : 161cm
-sumpah she's funny. once i open my mouth and talking craps, she will absolutely just layan me and go with the flow~
-anak sulung to 3 adik beradik.
-making people comfortable with her is her duty.
-always seek for our opinion if she got problems.
-yeah for sure, she's not available. fifi is the nickname hehe


-as white as snow.
-she doesnt talks a lot, really. only at times when.. she's hyper.
-her face getting all redden if she saw that 'someone'
-currently playing with the tali haha apa orang cakap, main tarik tali is it?
-she's the best if it comes to k-pop! a big fan of bigbang i guess.
-she likes to tegur me if i started to bersiul hihi
-she doesnt get angry or naik angin bila solving problems. serious kyn, i've never got the chance to tell you that.
-she is like a mom to me.
-im not so sure about her weight. tapi height : 156/158 cm. 
-she doesnt eat junk foods.

Liyana Syazana

-Ok, our little keti, doesnt it obvious? she's pretty!
-she has a high level of girly. very the girly one.
-she's weird.... in a good way of course!
-i love to tease her a lot and the reaction makes me laughed so hard.
-very emotional at times. loves to take thing seriously eventhough it doesnt seems necessary.
-i got a nickname for her, perveketi. hahaha
-kakak sulung jugak, to 5 adik beradik.
-got a pair of adorable hazel eyes! i adored her eyes so much that i feel like korek mata dia haha
-again, im not so sure about the weight and height also. but for sure she's shorter than me hihi
-she loves to eat but doesnt really show it hahaha

Atheera Syakina

-she got a high level of confident.
-people keep assumed that she's sombong kerek ape tah semua. if you know her, she's the friendliest among us all!
-pretty girl in the house.
-can be very garang once you made her angry. so beware.
-yes, she got a simply adorable voice. she can play guitar well.
-always stick with the you-know-who. her loved one.
-baby to 6 adik beradik.
-matured. dorky (serious at times)
-she cares about her friends a lot like a jelly tots.
-she gets along with people well.

Anis Sofea 

-appears to be very cold, straightforward and expressionless outside.
-very funny and attractive but that side of her wasnt exposed until you get to know her well.
-the pendiam-est. she's not a talking machine but she can talk a lot.
-loves to do things on her own.
-a very independent girl i must say.
-i respect her on how she manage to kumpul duit banyak banyak. serious.
-sheeee loves to eat! the conclusion is, kitaorang semua suka makan.
-when she cares, she loved.
-her jokes is so high class. you'll never forget 'em once u dengar haha

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