Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Just a little piece of emotion



This is actually happening. do you even think that im that stupid to really not know what you've been doing? i've known you since like 3 years? and i doubt that there's nobody else knows you that well like i. and hahaha im freaking selfish. i dont even care about you. please la open your mind and think wider. if i do not care about you

*i wont get freaked out when i heard those rumours  about (oh i really dont want to talk about it here) and tried so hard to actually protected you. to jaga maruah kau. to show to people yang you're actually a one good naive girl who have been played by that guy.

*didnt you think that i actually stayed for you even if i dont want to? i made a risk. just because i dont want you to go all emo moody and stuff. sumpah aku sanggup maafkan kau even kau tak cakap sorry pun sbb things so small you wouldnt even care because apa? the value of friendship that i really dont want to lose because apa? because i love you, my friend.

kalau aku tegur kau, kau rasa aku apa? over-protective? duh its what i do, i should do. i scolded you, i yell at you. who else will tell you the same thing? haih i adjusted myself to macam terima lah kau seadanya maybe it will make things a lot easier. do you not know me? do u think i even want this? i already said from the beginnning that things would end up this way. you would end up pilih your boyfriend yang macam tahi tu oh sumpah skrg aku bengang. im sorry if you dont think im the goodie friend that u think i am, well then screw you. macam mana boleh fikir macam tu.

inikah maksud kau yang aku tak care langsung? inikah maksud kau "bila hilang cari, bila ada depan mata tak layan" THIS? oh ainaa dia tu tak kisah la pasal kau, dia nak her way je. tak fikir orang lain rasa apa. well, think again.

this is whats best. well you dont think that for sure, because precisely 'you dont know a thing' haha heads up man. you'll see what i see one day. this maybe a joke to you and u really think im bodoh of what im doing. its not a fact of im doing it, its the ending part that counts which lama lagi akan sampai kot. its up to you la. im not a fool fucekek. im just a friend who take responsibilities cause haha who else yang akan buat macam ni? i afraid no one because tak ada pun yg kisah weh. kawan byk mana pun, they wouldnt care.

haha gila la, this makes me look stupid. hm just taking it out but im not gonna make this blog into a complain trash hehe

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