Saturday, 3 December 2011

a dedicated post


Dear Amira Nasuha ma girl,

great to hear that you enjoyed your birthday and our suprises. hehehe i may not say this often but i love you so much eventho i barely show it in front of you. i may say you're bodoh, bangang, bungak, sengal tapi kau la kawan that can never be replaced. i will never find someone like you out there because you're so one in a million. dont kembang! i hate to see kau mengembang hahaha man you're getting old! hm ok i know im older. so, someone once said to me that his best age was in teenage life so keep living your life as you wish to live it and every year will be the best year for you. genap next year 5 tahun kita kawan. 5 years which is full with happiness. i really hope you'll be there whenever i need you. dont ever leave me! hurmph i sounds so tapir-ish hahaha dah la penat aku tulis panjang2 hahaha love you till the end of the world! xoxoxo sejuta kali! 

p/s : pakai hadiah tu hari hari hehehehehehe

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