Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hard time, really.

Listening to dil kya kare at 4 in the morning and asking myself, am i okay?

Thus far this week has been a really down week for me. by that i mean i've been mentally tortured by a lot of thing. real lot like every teardrop has its own stories. painful, full of regrets. people around me have been a total bullies. they bullied me mentally! like c'mon, i was scared by what had happened and diaorg boleh lagi make fun of it. youre like, an adult, nak kahwin pun dah tapi still tak boleh fikir i was actually very frighten and kind of fobia, jot down!

This particular boy that ive killed him so many times in my head, he's spoiled. taknak cakap banyak pasal dia, just by imagining his face dah boleh buat aku angin satu badan. he's the reason im messed up! note to his girlfriend : you've been suffering much. what if i say he's cheating on u? leaving him wouldnt be a crime *wink*

Last but not least, its true. back then i never understand kenapa ada orang stress study sampai nak commit suicide. now i got that feeling. not that commit suicide feeling (so far) just, i've been pushed myself a little bit too hard and i think i shall give myself a break. i was never this serious in studies, so yeah, im kinda proud of myself. hoping to stay this way till the end (:

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