Saturday, 31 March 2012

Its me again on keyboard

Kyaaaaaa its Earth Hour! Lets switch our lights off, ala for one hour only ma. bodo la some people time time ni jugak nak ceramah ckp why do we care so much about this earth hour thing before this tak pernah nak kisah pulak about our mother earth. its a campaign kan, at least ada jugak something they do to save the earth. u ada? pui.

actually im here to cheer myself up. oh, ive deactived my fb and twitter. i just want to be alone, period. maybe its just for awhile but hey, i got my diplodocus here so why mind that blue birdy? haha yay diplodocus! sedar tak sedar its April tomorrow. berapa hari lagi weh spm tu nak menggangu tidur malam ku. nightmare. eh tapi skrg earth hour mcm mana nak study? lek kejap la (alasan)

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