Monday, 23 April 2012

About April

Hello homies.
april give me so much moments to remember. april has its own bittersweet :)

18th is alan's birthday
20 is anis's birthday
22 is along's birthday who is my cousin
23 is dad's & fariz's birthday
30 is adik's birthday

and ada la my kakak's konon soon to be her husband birthday haha tak ingat bila date but his name is boban :D

so, alhamdullilah hajat nak beli present untuk diaorg smua tercapai except fariz la hihi i just wished him.its the thought that counts actually. and pelik tak pelik now pun dah pikir what kind of present should i buy for mum for her upcoming birthday on June.

all in all, happy birthday to everyone that celebrate their birthday on this month :*

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