Wednesday, 12 September 2012

  "I vow to love you. And no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other." 

Watching cute loving movies like a walk to remember, the vow makes me feel like im in their world. im like, fall in love all over again with the same guy. its amazed me how loyal i am for now. how loyal i can be with the same person, the person that i never expect i would fall in love with. its been 3 years and a half. we never had an anniversary celebration, we never celebrate his birthday together, we just got on the phone and thats more than enough, the moment we spent together already consider as a gift, everyday is a gift. truth to be told, we dont even have our official date of our relationship. it just, happened naturally. one night, after night he ask me the same questions but i refused to answer. i just said, one day, one day because im not really ready. he never gave up until one night, i asked him are we official and he was like, i guess? haha that was cute. for us, dates are not really important. the feel, the joy, the happiness that we feel through all this time is much much more important than anything else. its like, everyday is our anniversary. we celebrate the love everyday, having him around is a gift for me. he still gives me butterflies in my stomach everytime he calls or even texts, i myself cant desribe how happy i am when he's smiling right in front of me. oh he once texted me this, "the next girl i'll ever love is our daughter" i've read it somewhere but the feeling when he said that, to me, is, indescribable. i really hope this relationship will last till marriage. i do pray for it.

Its nothing, i just, miss him. :)

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