Friday, 21 September 2012

Its fri-happy-day

I dont really have points of what to blab about. i just fee like writing, so hey hey :)

Today i finished my trials, it takes 1month untuk habiskan semua and accounts student finish last sbb we need to do 2 kali acc exam and the other subjects teachers were like "if tak jadi accountant jugak tak tahu lah" haha true. 

so mama opie has given birth!! to 6 cute tiny kittens. tp now tgh pusing kepala pikir mcm mana chaotic rumah i nanti 11 ekor kucing meow meow everyday. oh my. tapi they're too cute, i cant resist their cuteness so i'll just have to accept them with my open arms :) welcome babies. diaorg still takde nama yet, gotta think of it before diaorg semua bagi nama yg tak best langsung hahaha

i miss him so much. 

so thats the current updates of whats going on in me life. later? :)

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