Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mood swings

I dont know why i am feeling this way. i have mood swings almost always. i cry for no reason. like, i can sit  by myself, think about something terrible and i start to cry. i keep thinking about the past andi get angry at just the little things.. am i having depression? but why?!?! even for the slightest thing like he reply late to my texts, watching masterchef, seeing my cats sleeping and there i go again, crying. hm i cant even remember what i used to enjoy doing also.

am i turning into a vampire? oh god, for real la im not joking!! ^^

i dont know la if this thing perlu ada kena mengena dgn how i feel lately. just, i feel very unwanted, not needed, being ignored. the pain of being ignored is really no joke ok. saya nak hidup macam org lain jugak. sangat bahagia dgn that somebody. but that somebody.. just cant seem to be there when i need that somebody. but somehow i already get used to that somebody punya style. nvm. really. feeling unwanted. umph apa pulak tak best (:

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