Tuesday, 22 November 2011

This is a warning : this post will be awfully long. yeah ye shuckers.

The school holiday already began. its always ended up like this, i was very excited when i heard holidays was just around the corner but then, bila dah holiday. i.got.no.better.things.to.do.than.spending.most of my time.in.front.of.the.laptop. bet everyone's feeling the same way.....

so, not a waste of space. i wud like to share what i've been up to since last week hehe put your glasses on! zz

Me and suha, atheera, anis, adila, qila made this jumble sale thingy and it was great we succeded in getting a lotz of money haha alhamdullilah. guess we've lost our mind sebab we plan it just for 2 days and its on. imagine, a zillion lot of tops needed to get some umm what is it called eh, ah nvm. so we decided to make an event on facebook to let them (as in, friends) know. we made fliers and give it to random fellas. how on earth we managed to actually done that all in 2days. umph so proud of myself *batting eyelashes*

Then, on 13th nov, atheera's abang wedding dinner! gila g! i was one of the receptionist. kerja me, bawa guests pergi table and etc. at first gila kabut sebab ramai orang datang at one time so kitaorang ada 8 orang je, kabut kejap je la. because ainaa came to rescue muahaha so happy dapat tolong the bride and groom jayakan their wedding. both of them are really meant to be together, live long and make lot of adorable babies abang chadlie and kak yana! hihihihi seronok tengok orang kahwin. when la will my time come..... hihi ^^

On 15th nov, me anis atheera and alan went too zoo negara! yiaaaaah yippie yahuu i finally got to meet my friends! hello elephant, monkeys. cute birdies, crocodile, tigers and all lah! gila pe nak list sekor sekor. hehe i was like dan...cing...on... air...happily..... hihihi but yeah, hari rabu kan so zoo tu macam krik krik sikit la tapi ramai foreigner, wooot ada this one dude handcem. anis gonna make him hers one day. she even had a picture of him! im going to mandrem him or somewhat to make he likes anis back hahahaha plis dont take it seriously.  so pictures may start talking now

banyak lagi sebenarnya tapi hang gila pa nak upload smua kat sini. hehe so okay, till then!

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