Friday, 11 November 2011

Talk to me, im all ears.

Hello hi now im free! finals are over and school break almost started in a few more days. oh wait damn, result. result. macam. macam. tahi. oh please ignore my result. anggap lah i tak pernah ambil exam -.-' pathetic me.

It was a good idea to go to school today. because why? well it felt like sekolah itu aku yang punya hahahaha it was so quite and peace! kriks sound was all i heard. screamed, laughed wont make a big deal. lepak lepak dekat canteen with the teachers wont be a problem. gosh how i wish hari hari skolah macam tu. kan heaven! but still, there's still a lot of unsettled things. organise lawatan sekolah sangat sangat penat and give a lot of pressure. but somehow, its fun.

Yeah, these days im stepping into a new era, totally my rules of life are twisting like.... wake up early in the morning and then straight to take a shower. plus, kurung-ing myself in my room, reading my mates tweets, online facebook, watch dramas. i still have tons of dramas i havent watch but should!. bekalan for this holiday i guess, lorgh i just make myself look like one of those pathetic cavegirls!! naaaaaaah, im still living in my buitipul life :D

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